NASHVILLE – Representative Hill (R-Jonesborough) announced today that he is still advocating tax relief for the citizens of Tennessee. In light of the State Funding Board’s findings, Representative Hill said it would be irresponsible to not provide any kind of tax relief to the hardworking people of Tennessee.

The State Funding Board met with economists on Monday, and was told that the state will now have about $600 million more than original estimates. The total revenue growth is now projected at $1.3 billion, a record high. With the Governor still proposing a $219 million tax increase in the face of such growth, Republican lawmakers are asking once again for relief from the sales tax on food, the highest in the nation.

“Food is a necessity. It should be a priority for this legislative body to take this issue seriously, and give the hardworking families of Washington County significant tax relief that really makes a difference. Let’s break this tax-and-spend cycle, and give the money back,” he stated today.

Currently, the state of Tennessee has a rainy day fund of $497 million, with a proposed $38 million to be added. The state will have over $700 million recurring, and $600 million in one-time money. Representative Hill cited these surpluses and the unprecedented revenue growth that Tennessee is experiencing as reasons to return some of the money in the form of sales tax relief on food.

“There is absolutely no justification for a tax increase—all their arguments are losing steam,” said Hill. “We have plenty of money to fund education and give the people a rollback on the food tax.”