You notice my headline did not say “ETSU Students Say ‘No’ to Football.” My guess is that the vast majority of students would love to see a return of football to ETSU, but they don’t want to have to be the ones footing the bill. And I can’t blame them.

Although I, too, would love to see ETSU football’s return, if I were still a student, I would have voted “no” on the increase. It’s simply a bad idea to ask 12,000 people to pay for something that doesn’t necessarily interest them. This is a basic idea behind fiscal conservatism…we shouldn’t force people to pay for things (through taxation) that they themselves are either not going to use or could better provide for themselves. The same applies to collegiate taxation, in my opinion.

If only these 2000 students (who voted “no” in the “football election”) had voted against the student activities fee increase in the Spring of 2005, we wouldn’t have had to endure the “Ludacris Debacle” in the Fall of that same year. At least it appears that they either learned their lesson or we got rid of several liberal activists on campus (ahem…Ethan Flynn).