January 2007

Baby James was born Monday, January 22, 2007 at 10:37am.
He weighed 8 lb. 7 oz. and was 20 in. long.

We had a great experience at Sycamore Shoals…of course, we haven’t yet gotten the bill!

I was able to have the natural birth I had planned, with one minor glich when the little guy’s head got stuck! Still, no epidural, no forceps or vacuum, and no c-section. Yay for tough mommies!!!
We are doing well, and will be spending lots of time getting to know each other over the next few weeks.


Sounds strange, eh? California leading the second secession…but that’s exactly what should happen. I can’t say that I would join whatever little “union” they decided to establish, but I would certainly support their decision. Why, you ask?

Federal agents raided more than a dozen medical marijuana facilities in California seizing marijuana (duh), money, and weapons. I’m not exactly sure where the weapons come into play, but, the last time I checked, even those were still permitted under the Constitution. But my point here is the marijuana.

Although the Supreme Court decided in US v. Oakland Cannabis Buyers’ Coop that the United States did not have to recognize the passage of California’s Compassionate Use Act of 1996, that doesn’t make it right. This 8-0 decision was flanked in 2004 by Gonzales v. Raich which, again, emphasized the Federal Government’s right to do whatever it darn well pleases – state’s rights be damned – although without the unanimous vote (it was a 6-3 decision).

I’m no pothead. What I am is aware of the fact that the United States is not one giant state run by a overly powerful president, backed by a Congress and Court; rather, we are a UNION of many states, with rights to be granted to each individual state without the ridiculous interference of the Federal government. What astounds me is that in the US v. Oakland decision, the Supreme Court actually ruled that there is no medical use for marijuana. Since when are Supreme Court justices experts on medicine? And why is the Federal Government the one to decide whether or not a plant has some medicinal purpose?

I am also a little unclear as to how, as stated in the Gonzales v. Raich decision, the sale of marijuana in California falls under “interstate commerce.” If I grow pot in my backyard, and sell it to my neighbor who happens to have glaucoma, how am I involved in interstate commerce? (back down, DEA…I do not grow pot in my backyard. Or anywhere else for that matter. I am merely making a point.) This claim that the local growth and sale of marijuana is a part of a “class of activities” with national implications is absolutely absurd. I guess if I wanted to poop in a jar and sell it on ebay, that would be regulated by Congress too, as pooping is a part of a “class of activities” with an effect on the nation. The Supreme Court was grasping at straws here, and I would like to point out that at least there were three justices who didn’t buy it (Rehnquist, O’Conner, and Thomas).

I find it appalling that the US government feels that it has the right to completely disregard the wishes of an entire state who, following their own laws, passed a piece of legislation that allows them to do something that gets the DEA’s panties in a wad. We are not talking about seedy drug dealers pushing heroin on little old ladies. We are talking about the tightly regulated cultivation and sale of a plant that has the potential to at least relieve the suffering of many, many, very sick people.

One would think that the greedy Congressional so-and-so’s would want to tax such a lucrative industry. But, again, power wins out over money…

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new…waiting for a baby to arrive is very taxing on the brain.

As I tried to watch the news this morning I was struck with the sheer volume of inane drivel that is sent through the airways packaged as “news.”

For the record, I do not care who was at the Golden Globes, who won, what they were wearing, or where they will be keeping their statue. I would rather not hear stories meant only to tug at my heart strings with interviews consisting of questions like, “how did you feel when your son finally came home after being missing for four years?” (just once I’d like for someone to say, “That’s a ridiculous question. How in the world do you think I felt?”). Leave fashion tips to fashion magazines. What is “hot” this season is not news. If I want to learn to cook, I’ll buy a cookbook or watch the Food Network. Again, this is not news. The “witty banter” between morning news show hosts is not all that witty. When reporting the weather, please tell the people “out on the plaza” to keep it down. It is entirely too early for people to be screaming like caffeinated cheerleaders while I’m trying to hear the weather report. For that matter, please stop showing the waving hordes “out on the plaza;” I don’t know anyone who really wants to see a bunch of people hopping up and down on a NYC sidewalk holding signs that say “Hi mom” and “Minnesota Loves the Today Show.”

On a more positive note, ABC’s morning news show features a news ticker at the bottom of the screen. This is a fabulous idea! I can simply mute the TV and read my morning news. Although they still do include worthless information about things like the Golden Globes and what Brittney Spears is doing today…I can always skip those parts.

Is anyone else irritated by this, or am I just being hormonal? It merely seems to me that television is pandering to the lowest common societal denominator, making us all infinitely less informed. Why is it that I have to dig across the internet in order to find out what’s really going on the world? And how many people are really willing to put forth that kind of effort? Is this some sort of conspiracy, Gary?