As the food finally begins to settle (which, by the way, is a much slower process when your abdomen is already filled with a 4 pound baby and various other space-taking fluids) I am about to begin the one tradition that many do not understand. Most who do not understand this tradition are of the male persuasion; but, I will admit, I used to be one who failed to comprehend the minds of those who practice one of the most sacred of Thanksgiving traditions…

hitting the day after Thanksgiving sales.

I shall spend the rest of my evening (except for when I pause to watch Grey’s Anatomy) looking through sale papers, picking out what I need to buy to satisfy that Christmas list, and planning my route. My niece is spending the night so that we can rise at roughly 3am, get ready, wait for my mother to arrive, and head to Johnson City to battle the hoards of others who, like us, are looking for a bargain. Easy Bake Ovens for $10! Magic Doodle Bears for $7! Laptops for $250! The bargains are irresistible!!!

We never fail to have a good time, as most who are crazy enough to get out a 5am to go shopping are the kind, spirited sort who will wait in that mile-long line with you and make conversation. There are those who get nasty when they notice that there’s only one Cabbage Patch Doll left of the shelf, but around here those are few and far between.

I firmly believe that we should be good stewards of that with which we have been blessed, and if that means getting up at three in the morning to save a few dollars, then so be it. All the more to donate to some worthy cause this Christmas. Not to mention all the fun us gals have shopping until we (literally) drop. After a breakfast at Cracker Barrel, I’m sure It’ll be home for a nice, long nap before decorating the house for Christmas.

Here’s hoping you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving and will spend tomorrow doing something that makes you smile…