I got an email a few weeks ago about some open heart surgeries having to be cancelled because there were gnats in the operating rooms at the Medical Center.

Apparently, the gnats are still there, and now the local media has gotten wind of the “situation” (I swear, it wasn’t me that called them!) There should be a story out sometime in the next couple of days. Hospital administration is less than pleased.

I’m sure the spin doctors are working overtime. Let’s see…it’s clear we need a replacement hospital because this one is, what? Dirty? I’m anxious to read the story…and the spin!

Additionally, I heard a couple of weeks ago that Doyle Cloyd was in a car accident and taken to the Med Center. He was – you guessed it! – moved out into the hallway because they ran out of room.

Gnats in the O.R. and our county clerk lying injured in the hallway. I couldn’t make this stuff up.