You know I wouldn’t have missed seeing the First Lady for the world!!! Despite my constant disappointment with Pres. Bush, I must say that Laura (to borrow from “Dazed and Confused”) is a “hip, hip lady.”

The strange thing is that, much to my surprise, people will knock down a pregnant woman for a chance to shake hands with someone famous. Who knew that all those people who hold doors for me and offer me their seats would turn into vicious coyotes at the sight of Laura Bush? Rather than risk my poor as-yet-unborn son getting jabbed in the head by a rabid old woman, I held back and missed my chance to actually shake hands with the First Lady, but I figure that was merely one of the first of many sacrifices I’ll make for the little guy.

As for the rally, I would say that it was a success. Everyone was excited, there were some very clever jabs at “Little Harold,” and I think most people left feeling like Bob Corker is a really swell guy. It was difficult to applaud the statements about Iraq, but I came out of my chair when Laura referred to Bob as a guy that will keep our taxes low…who doesn’t love a good tax-hater??

Bob poked fun at himself and the RNC by opening his speech with “Seen any good campaign ads lately?” Yes, and my favorite one was taken off the air! Bygones, I suppose.

As I said, all in all, the rally was great fun – despite the meanies who would have trampled small children to get close to Laura Bush. I’ll be posting pictures soon…