The point of the story was to discuss how tacky the ad was (read it here). Gosh, maybe I’m just a tacky person, but I thought the ad was hysterical! It’s the best one out thus far! I actually ran through the house to tell the hubby about it…my favorite part was the hunter who says, “Harold Ford Jr. is right – I do own too many guns.” Although the older gentleman who says, “Harold Ford Jr. will make sure that I get to pay taxes again when I’m dead!” was quite amusing as well. I adore the humor of the ad, although I will admit to having a very sarcastic sense of humor.

I think the ad is a breath of fresh, comedic air in a campaign that has been wrought with lies, mud-slinging, and commercials that make me want to destroy my own television. The ad is creative and downright funny, and I sincerely hope that I get to see it again and again between now and November 7.

This ad, supposedly, is what prompted Ford Jr. to ambush Corker during a press conference, showing that maybe his political upbringing didn’t give him the think skin one needs to survive in the political arena. Take a joke, Ford…and stop playing the race card. We’re all getting really tired of the “dark, shadowy figure” reference.