As we wait for word on the “replacement” hospital, it is business as usual at the Medical Center.

Already this year – and we’re not even into flu season yet – there are reports of not enough beds for those who need them. Some patients are being told to go home and come back later, while others are left in hallways. This is nothing new, as a friend of mine was scheduled for an induction in November of 2003 and received a phone call the day of letting her know they would have to reschedule…there just wasn’t enough room for her. In February of 2005, my mother was in the emergency room for more than 13 hours waiting for a room to open up. We received a room the moment we threatened to transfer her to another hospital.

I thank God every morning I have the good sense to avoid the Medical Center when it comes to my up-and-coming delivery. “Sorry son, you’re just going to have to stay in there for a while longer…there’s not room for us at the Med Center!”

Additionally, environmental (custodial) positions are now being outsourced to another company. Those who have worked for JCMC and MSHA for a long period of time are getting the “short end of the stick.” It looks like Vonderfecht’s “loyal employees” may be getting slightly disgruntled.

The “replacement” hospital is not going to solve the problems we are facing with the Medical Center, or any of the other MSHA hospitals. We need ADDITIONAL services, not replacement services, if we are going to avoid the utter lack of care offered at the Med Center. Unless you’re comfortable lying in the hallway of the hospital, waiting for someone to either die or be discharged so you can get a room…