First, a letter from Rep. Bill Dunn, House Minority Leader:

I would like to personally thank the good people of Washington County for electing Rep. Matthew Hill, R-Jonesborough, to serve them in the Tennessee General Assembly. I can assure you that he has served the 7th District with the utmost integrity and has worked very hard to improve the quality of life for all Washington Countians.

As a member of Republican Caucus task forces dealing with education, health care and immigration reform, Hill has familiarized himself with these issues of concern to the people of Tennessee and worked to further measures that would enact positive change in these areas.

I also appreciate Hill’s support for key initiatives such as the sales tax holidays and the resolution to have the Tennessee Constitution define marriage as between one man and one woman.

Hill will continue to work for measures beneficial to the people of Tennessee. He has already pledged his support for “Tennessee Trust,” an initiative by Republican leaders to enact key reforms in the next session of the General Assembly; these reforms will include limiting the negative effects of illegal immigration in Tennessee through measures such as requiring a person to be a legal resident to drive and a citizen to vote. “Tennessee Trust” also includes tax relief measures such as reducing the sales tax on food and working to keep the state free of an individual income tax.

Hill’s dedication to his job and his support for ethics, tax reform and other measures beneficial not only to his constituents but to the people of Tennessee as a whole make him an excellent representative for Washington County.

Rep. Bill Dunn
House Republican Leader

I had the opportunity to speak with Rep. Dunn earlier in the summer, and he uttered much of these same praises about Rep. Hill at that time. Dunn said that he was most impressed with Hill’s reliability – if something needs to be done, Hill is the one to do it. Dunn also pointed out how close the Republicans are to having a majority in Nashville, and how important it is that they get it, because of the ever-bubbling-under-the-surface income tax threat, among other issues.

And then, a not so cheery note:

To listen to Tennessee’s two candidates for the Senate and their proxies talk about each other, we do not have a single qualified candidate to choose. It looks as though we will have to choose between two incompetent scoundrels, which is enough to prevent thinking people from going to the polls in November.

I wonder if one or the other will ever go beyond the mud and the generalities to suggest something that he is for, preferably some proposal that is within the business of the Senate, unlike some of the promises Republican candidate Bob Corker made in his ads before the primary. Of course, it would help if the candidates admitted the very limited power of a single freshman senator to achieve anything by himself.

Charles R. Taber
Johnson City

While I don’t agree that we should stay home in November, I understand Taber’s frustration. And his reference to Corker’s primary ads make me giggle…remember my comments about Corker’s ads? I, too, would appreciate the candidates admitting their limited power as freshmen senators, but, keep in mind, the party in power has significant influence and even a freshman senator can be the one who tips the scales.