Candidate for Seventh District State Representative, Fred Phillips, announced on his website that he has been endorsed by the NRA. The problem is, he hasn’t been endorsed by the NRA. According to Phillips’ website:
“NRA Endorses Fred Phillips-The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund announced today that Fred Phillips has been awarded an “A” rating for the 2006 General Election in Tennessee State House District 7. The rating is based on Fred’s strong and vocal support of the Second Amendment.”

I’m sure this bogus announcement won’t be up much longer, but rest assured that I saved a copy of the site page for you skeptics out there.

Even more interesting is that the NRA not only did not endorse Fred Phillips, they endorsed his opponent, incumbent Matthew Hill. The NRA national office is furious, to say the least.

I’m sure Phillips will have some story about a mix-up, blaming it on a member of his staff (not unlike he did during the THP scandal), but I’m not buying it. Phillips has proven yet again that he simply can’t be trusted.