There were three letters printed in today’s JC Press in opposition to Harold Ford, Jr. I’ll give you the highlights of each of the letters…

The first was from Michael Baskette of Hixson, TN, who addresses the attack ads purchased by Congressman Harold Ford and “his Eastern liberal-influenced camp.” Baskette points out, as some of us already knew, that 63% of Ford’s total campaign funds have come from outside of Tennessee. “The second largest metro area for Ford’s campaign contributions orginated in New York,” Baskette points out. He says, “Who do you think Ford is obligated to? Certainly not the citizens of Tennessee. The liberal Democrats are prepared to pull out all the stops nationally to gain this Senatorial seat.”

Baskette then praises Corker, who has been in Tennessee for decades, contributing to the state and working for Tennesseans.

Then Baskette writes, “Don’t let Ford’s captivating demeanor and moderate dialogue fool you. He is not a newcomer to Washington. His voting record bares the truth. He is absolutely the wrong man for the job.”

The next letter is from Norm Davis, of Telford. Davis addresses the fact that Ford has been compared to Sen. Joe Lieberman and his stance on major issues. Davis writes, “Lieberman voted 90 percent of the time for liberal issues. The senator lost the primary in Connecticut because the Democratic Senatorial Committee supported his opponent who is more liberal. Are we to believe the same committee is spending huge sums of money in Tennessee supporting Ford, who is supposedly conservative, because he will vote the same as Lieberman? I think not.” Well put, Mr. Davis!!

The final letter was from Frank Hawkins, of Johnson City. Hawkins points out that Ford’s “only claim to fame is to have been elected to public office by a corrupt political machine in Memphis (see the Tennessee Waltz Sting.)” Corker, on the other hand, has spent his life “working and contributing to our communities in East Tennessee.”

The thing that concerns me most about Ford (other than the fact that he is a raging liberal who is lying to us on this end of the state because he knows we won’t vote for him unless he looks like a moderate) is that he is getting the vast majority of his funding from outside of the state, from places like New York and L.A. If there is anything worse than having our state controlled by New Yorkers and the Hollywood elite, I don’t know what it is.