Typically my posts are filled with my opinion, but on this issue I would merely like to start a discussion. Mostly because I don’t even have an opinion, much less an answer.

The UN’s deadline for Iran has come and gone with no change in Iranian position. I’ll be the first to say that I don’t want a country like Iran with access to a nuclear weapon, but why is it that the United States and various and sundry other countries should not only have nuclear weapons but then try and dictate who else acquires them? Let’s face it, the United States hasn’t always been, shall we say, prudent in it’s war-making.

I understand that we have the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, which Iran has signed, and that is leading to the current threat of sanctions, but, as usual, the US is ready to jump in and demand that Iran stop nuclear enrichment programs, or else – despite the fact that we’ve been nuclear for years.

There are several problems with this whole issue. As I see it:

1. What gives any country or ruling world body the right to go in and tell another country what they can and cannot do? One could make the argument that we have to consider world security, but, then, shouldn’t the rules be the same for everyone? Why can the US have nuclear programs while other countries cannot? I certainly wouldn’t have wanted Hitler or, currently, Ahmadinejad, to have nuclear weapons, but why do some countries get to have them while others do not? Because we play nice? Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes the “popular” countries don’t play very nice at all. So, dang it, why the double standard?

2. If, and this is a BIG if, Iran is truly only using its nuclear capabilities to produce energy, then what business is it of ours (or the UN’s)? Would it not take at least some of the strain off the world oil market if we “allowed” countries to research and implement nuclear power?

3. Now the flip side. Iran is clearly an unstable, untrustworthy, hate-filled nation that I wouldn’t want having fireworks much less nuclear weapons. Again, I think of Hitler…if only we had acted sooner, what difference would it have made? Are we making the same mistake now by allowing talks to continue? Are we going to regret not blowing Iran off the map when we had the chance? What if they really are making nuclear weapons? Anyone who reads this blog regularly should know my stance on pre-emptive war – I think it’s a really bad idea. But, are we going to look back on these troubled times and wonder, “what if we had acted sooner?”

Then again, why do we get to have all the weapons? What makes the United States so darn special that we can have these devastating weapons and then dictate who else gets to have them? I’ll admit, I like being a part of the world-power that we are, but how ethical is it to decide who gets to have the power to destroy – when we have the power to be the ultimate destroyer?

So, dear readers…let the discussion begin!