The state Republican Party’s executive committee voted unanimously to deny Venable’s recount request in the 1st District House race which was won by David Davis.

The committee cited a lack of evidence as their reason for denying the request.

Venable’s only remaining option is to sue in chancery court. Based on Venable’s statement in this morning’s Press, I am assuming that this is the end of the road as far as he is concerned. Venable congratulated Davis…let’s hope he’ll now leave it alone.

Everyone with whom I’ve spoken, except for one of my readers, Chris, has rolled their eyes and poo-pooed Venable’s decision to request a recount. Most have made some reference to Al Gore and/or being a sore loser. Like I said in an earlier post, requesting a recount – especially if you actually get one – is the equivalent of political suicide. People hate a sore loser, and that’s the impression that is left of those who ask for election recounts.