Why the Ethan Flynn candidacy bothered me…

Several years ago I was riding in the truck with my dad, it was election season in Knoxville, and Sheriff Tim Hutchison was up for re-election. It was the Republican primary and the name of his challenger I can not recall. But what I do remember is something my dad told me. After asking who he would vote for, I was surprised to learn he would not vote for Hutchison. When I asked why, he told me that Hutchison was a “career politician” and his opponent had worked in a real job his entire life. This was enough to gain my father’s vote.

How can a person truly serve the public good when he has no concept of a person’s day to day life? For a man like my father, who has worked his entire life, whose financial substinence has come from his own toils, it is an atrocious thought to vote for one whose only income comes from the fat of the public purse.

And now you can see why Ethan Flynn running for government office rubs me the wrong way. He’s little over two years out of undergraduate school with little or no practical experience in the real world. His only experience in governing was president of ETSU’s Student government, in which he helped to bring about a fifty percent increase in the student activity fee. John Adams once told his son and future president, John Quincy, that any public servant’s livelihood should be wholly independent of his elected office. Only through his financial independence can he truly serve the public good.

Ethan Flynn sought a dangerous road, to be completely dependent on a public salary and public connections is a formula for corruption and governing out of touch with the people who’s service he is enrolled.

It was a 200% increase, by the way…