Al Gore, er, sorry, Richard Venable has requested a recount of his lost election. Oh, for the love of all things sacred! Make the hanging chads go away!

Venable claims that there were “apparent difficulties in accessing voting machines and tabulating the results.” Now, I’m not quite sure what the problems may have been with tabulating the results, but, as for accessing the voting machines, I’m curious as to why those complaining of lack of access failed to participate in early voting. No one, and I do mean no one, has any excuse for not being able to access a voting machine. Voting machines were available to us all from July 15 through the 29 and again on August 3. If you couldn’t get your fanny to a machine in that ample amount of time, then I don’t want to hear your whining. If Venable wants to cry “foul” because his supposed supporters couldn’t get to a voting machine on August 3, he has no one but himself to blame. One of the things that David Davis did was encourage his supporters to VOTE EARLY, citing what everyone already knew – lines would be long on election day.

Nobody likes a sore loser. My advice to Patti Jarrett when we heard of the discrepancies in her race was, “whatever you do, don’t request a recount. Nobody likes an Al Gore.” Unless you have actual video evidence of people being forced at gunpoint to vote for the other guy, then you’re only going to ruffle feathers by requesting a recount.

It’s too late now, but what Venable should have done is simply put this election to bed and start working on the next one. He’s now made too many enemies to ever make another viable run for office – a la Al Gore. Oh well, maybe Venable will make a documentary and start touring the area fighting for some cause – kinda like that other guy who ruined his career by being a sore loser.