Let’s play a game. Where in the world is Bob Corker?

I have seen neither hide nor hair of him since the primary. Harold Ford, Jr. seems to be in my face all the time…curses to us all…but Corker seems to be hiding somewhere.

Here’s my advice to our esteemed nominee…do something! It’s hard to break momentum once you get it (you should know that, Mr. Corker…your momentum was unstoppable during the primary!) and Ford is getting some serious momentum right now. If I were a thoroughly uneducated voter, Ford would have won me over by now with his “I will single-handedly lower gas prices” and “I am here for the people!” And we all know how many uneducated voters are out there.

So, Mr. Corker, get out there and get some votes! And point out, while you’re at it, that Ford is getting the vast majority of his funding from outside of the great state of Tennessee, proving once and for all that what Tennesseans want for Tennessee is quite different from what New Yorkers and Californians want for Tennessee.