Gas prices? At least that’s what they’re claiming. What I find interesting is that, although most American auto makers are doing poorly right now, Ford seems to be doing the worst. Let’s see…what is it about Ford that’s different from the rest?

Everyone is producing gas-guzzlers. Chevrolet seems to be doing decent, although they have dropped production a bit. My husband and I know quite a few people who have just bought Chevrolets…a couple of Tahoe’s, a Suburban or two. So, it’s not so much the gas, maybe.

Oh, wait! Has anyone else heard about the boycott of Ford products due to their unapologetic support of the homosexual movement? Hmmm….maybe that has something to do with slumping sales. Nah, couldn’t be. There aren’t that many members of the religious right, are there?

Wake up, Ford! Why is it, do you think, that your sales are worse than everyone else’s? What’s the un-common denominator??