I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I’m no fan of the current President Bush. He’s OK, I suppose, but I’m far from being a fan. At best, George W. Bush is a moderate. At worst, he’s a part of a growing faction of the Republican party who win votes through “social” conservatism but are just as big-government friendly as the liberals. The scary thing about these types of Republicans is that they’re so secretive about it. While the Democrats are unashamedly pouring gazillions of tax dollars into social programs, thus growing the government, the so called “Bush Republicans” are pouring money into big business while slowly but surely taking away just as many rights and growing the government just as much as the Democrats. Case in point:

President Bush is staunchly opposed to anyone buying their prescription drugs from Canada, and is using the government (US Customs and Border Protection, to be exact) to stop us from doing so. Whoa, there Bushie…whatever happened to that age-old Republican platform called, “individual rights” and “personal responsibility?” Oh, right…I guess that went out the window when the pharmaceutical companies offered you their first born in cash.

Bush can stand around and preach “safety this” and “safety that” about the drugs from Canada (the fact of the matter is that drugs from Canada are inspected by a government organization much like the FDA), but, as a Conservative (if he really is one), Bush should be fighting for the rights of individuals to order prescription meds from wherever they darn well please – whether or not they run the risk of harming themselves with those drugs would fall under the category of “personal responsibility.” But, like I said, safety isn’t the real issue – money is.

God forbid we allow competition in the prescription drug market. Screw Medicare prescription drug benefits…open up the drug market to competition and see how many seniors are having to choose between groceries and prescription meds. I find it deplorable that someone who calls himself a Republican would effectively eliminate competition in an entire market by using the government to limit what we can purchase. Shame on you, Mr. Bush….shame on you.

If, per chance, there are any state legislators reading this post, allow me to point out that Nevada has essentially ignored Washington and licensed four Canadian pharmacies to sell drugs to their citizens. Just so you know.

So, come on…act like conservatives you government leaders and get out of the way!