Matthew Hill spoke at the Young Republicans meeting Tuesday night and offered us an overview of what he has accomplished in the last two years and what he would like to accomplish in his next term.

First, his accomplishments:

Hill was a sponsor of Courtney’s Law, which makes it a felony if one kills or injures another while drag racing. This bill was written in response to the death of Courtney Hensley, who was killed by a drag racer in Johnson City.

Hill was a major proponent of the Sales Tax Holidays, which we now have twice a year, that suspends sales taxes for an entire weekend on certain goods within the state of Tennessee.

Hill supported property tax relief for senior citizens, which gives low income seniors a break on their property taxes.

Hill was a supporter of the Meth Free Tennessee Act of 2005, which made it more difficult to buy the ingredients necessary to make methamphetamine.

Hill supported the Tennessee Marriage Amendment, which allows for citizens to vote on whether to allow gay marriage in the state of Tennessee.

Hill was a major player in the movement to open a Pharmacy School at East Tennessee State University.

Hill brought back $218 million dollars to the seventh district.

In his next term, Hill would like to work to:

1. Eliminate the sales tax on food. Hill finds it deplorable that the government would tax something that we all need to survive.

2. Fight Illegal Immigration. Every single bill that was brought to the house last term concerning illegal immigration was shot down by Democrats. It is Hill’s hope that Republicans can gain control of the House so that progress will be made in curbing illegal immigration. Due to this issue, every city has become a border city, and every state has become a border state. Hill believes it is up to Tennesseans to fight illegal immigration in Tennessee.

3. Hill was successful in getting Jessica’s Law (which would make a state-wide sex offender list more accurate and readily available and increase the penalties for sexual offenders) to the floor, but Democrats killed it before it could pass. Hill would, again, like to see Republicans take control of the House so that we can see this important piece of legislation passed.

5. Hill would like to reintroduce the “Historical Documents” Bill, which would allow for local municipalities to place historical documents on display on Public Property, if the citizens so wish.