I try and use this blog to vent my frustration with the state of the universe. Typically that means I write about politics, but occasionally something else makes me angry…hence, my “random things that are making me angry” category.

Have any of you ever bought a newly constructed house? As much as I love our brand new, only ours home, there are some serious frustrations involved. Like the fact we just dropped more money than we could have ever imagined on a house that’s just not-quite-finished. And we moved in February!

Legally, home builders have a year to complete the home after move-in (only those little things that aren’t required to be finished in order to close), and are required to fix those things that tear up or wear out within the first year. Right. I’ve been pestering the listing agent and builders since May to come in and finish the painting, fill in the sink hole in the back yard, repair chipped sheetrock, and various and sundry other minor things…but to no avail. I get nothing but the run-around. So what’s a gal to do?

I’ve tried being nice. I’ve tried being mean. I’m now trying leaving them alone and preparing my court case, as it is pretty clear that they aren’t the least bit concerned about fulfilling their contract. But, who knows…they do have until February 25, 2007 to get this work done. The unfortunate thing is, I’ll have a newborn by then and will be even less patient with these so-and-so’s than I have been thus far.

Sigh. One thing’s for sure – I won’t be buying another house from these people. Anyone else had this problem?