Big surprise…or is it?

On the one hand I’m not surprised that McKinney lost after her shenanigans at the Capitol. She, I’m sure you remember, is the lady (and I use that term loosely) who hit a security guard who did not recognize her and asked to see ID before entering the Capitol building. This shows that people are not stupid enough to belief her race rhetoric.

However, I’m a little surprised because there are a lot of people who are that stupid.

Anywho, now McKinney is blaming the media and electronic voting machines for her loss. Wow. Instead of blaming her deplorable behavior she is blaming someone (and something) else. This sounds all too familiar.

McKinney says that electronic voting machines are a threat to democracy and result in “stolen elections.”

Darn that silly technology!!! Hanging chads, anyone?

A funny story: one woman claimed that she punched the button for Cynthia McKinney but the vote registered for her opponent. She alerted poll workers, and, as it turns out, the woman’s fingernails were so long that, although her fingertip was punching the McKinney button, her fingernail was punching another button. Thankfully, you must confirm your vote before it registers and she was able to punch the correct button (maybe with her nose…).

As for the media, McKinney feels that she was painted in a bad light, which cost her the election. Let’s not forget this is the woman who hit a security guard at the Capitol. It seems to me that McKinney did a fine job of painting herself in a bad light – no help from the media needed.

Excuses, excuses. Will Cynthia McKinney ever learn that actions have consequences? The world may never know…