Ok, nobody knows who won the Sixth District race – not even the election commission!

…and my commentary, of course!

I’ll start with the bad news:

I must say, I am really surprised that Tony Clark pulled out a win against Current District Attorney General, Joe Crumley. I didn’t see this one coming at all. In retrospect, though, it was probably the hostility between Crumley and Judge Lynn Brown that did some damage.

Bob Oaks beat out Jeff Kelly in the District Public Defender’s race, and, although I’m disappointed, I’m not terribly surprised.

Bob Corker beat conservative candidate Ed Bryant. This terrifies me. With such hostility toward Corker within conservative circles (and believe me, I’m hostile) it’s going to be tough to pull out a win against liberal Democrat Harold Ford, Jr. in November – despite the fact that early polls had either of the three Republican candidates beating Ford. The party is split, and this is bad news. As much as I hate to say it, Republicans have to come together behind Bob Corker (yick!!) if for no other reason than to make sure that Ford is not elected. We must support the lesser of the two evils to make sure that Democrats DO NOT take control of the Senate. A not-so-conservative Republican is still better than a raging liberal any day.

Finally, Patti Jarrett lost by a mere 33 votes to Dale Ford. This absolutely makes me sick. First, because she only lost by 33 votes (how many of you stayed home, huh??) and, second, because Dale Ford is an absolute boob and only won this race because he’s got name recognition. This is the one and only thing (at least, the only thing I can think of right now) that I really, really hate about politics. You do something as silly as make your living as a baseball umpire and you win an election – not because you’re smart, or have brilliant, conservative ideas of where to lead your district, but because grandma down the street has heard your name before. Disgusting. Looking on the bright side – Dale Ford is still a better choice than Ethan Flynn, who would have merely been a puppet for Washington County’s shadiest politicians.

Finally, in a race on which I didn’t offer any predictions, I am sad to say that Kent Williams beat out incumbent Jerome Cochran in the Fourth District State House Race. I voted for Cochran when I lived in Carter County, and I’m a huge supporter of his. I had heard rumors that he was behind Williams and those “in the know” were predicting a loss for Cochran, but I’m still beyond disappointed. This is just another example of a member of the “good old boys’ club” beating out a great candidate simply because they’ve got name recognition.

And the good news!

David Davis won the Republican nomination (and, essentially, the seat) for US Congress, District 1. I am thrilled that, at least in this race, an actual conservative beat out the “Republicans in name only.” As I predicted, this came down to a race between Davis, Venable, Roberts, and Roe (rounding out the top four), but Davis (praise the Lord!!) came out on top.

Jim Nidiffer pulled out an easy win for General Sessions Judge, Part II against Vanburen – no surprise there.

Ed Graybeal won Washington County Sheriff with 77% of the vote over Joe Bush. I was hoping for 85%, but he still did fairly well.

Jim Bryson (no big surprise here) got the Republican nomination for governor.

With a new bit of political drama, of which I was just informed last night, I became quite interested in the Greene County Mayor’s race. Alan Broyles brought out a win. Apparently, the incumbent, Roger Jones, was a do-nothing boob who was silently supporting a new Stockyard in the Baileyton area (a Stockyard whose owner’s goals were to eliminate the Greeneville, Morristown, and Knoxville stockyards, along with others – essentially, we’re talking about the Wal Mart of stockyards). Alan Broyles, a Republican, favors small business, so this should make for an interesting turn in the “Great Stockyard Debate.”

All in all, it’s been a good election. We won some, we lost some, but isn’t that usually how it goes? Now, ON TO NOVEMBER!!!!