First it was reporters giving air time to Hezbollah members. Now, Germany says they’ll only commit troops to the mideast crisis if Hezbollah says it’s OK. Have these people forgotten that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization? When was the last time our reporters were interviewing Al Qaeda members to get their perspctive on the war in Iraq? Just because Hezbollah has some seats in the elected parliament in Lebanon doesn’t erase the fact that it’s a terrorist organization. Let’s review:

Hezbollah (which means, “Party of God…” boy, do I have news for them) was formed in 1982 by followers of Ayatollah Khomeini(do we remember that guy?) and follows the strict Islamic Shia idealogy developed by Khomeini. Their stated purpose was initially to fight the Isreali occupation of Southern Lebanon which ended in 2000. Start-up funds for Hezbollah came from Iran.

As I mentioned before, Hezbollah is a recognized political party in Lebanon and has seats in the Lebanese parliament as well as in the cabinet. Hezbollah has a strong military branch, but also offers civilian aid – available to all (however, I doubt if I went to a Hezbollah-run hospital, I’d be treated too kindly), but free to Hezbollah members. How do they pay for their social programs? Why, with money from Syria and Iran, of course! It also doesn’t take a genius to figure out that, if they’re getting thier money from Syria and Iran, they’re probably getting arms from them, too. Especially considering the fact that Hezbollah’s primary goal is to eliminate Israel and the President of Iran would just love to wipe the Jews off the face of the planet.

It is suspected that Hezbollah has helped train and equip Palestinian terrorist organizations in the West Bank and Gaza, which makes sense considering the Palestinians hate the Jews, too.

It very well could be that Israel overreacted to the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers, but the fact remains that Hezbollah is a terrorist group committed to the destruction of Israel. So, let’s stop treating Hezbollah as a legitimate political organization and start treating them like the dirty, dirty terrorists that they are. That means no interviews, CNN!!