I’m having a hoot with these Campaign Finance Reports! Again, all public record (go to http://www.fec.gov/finance/disclosure/srssea.shtml to search for the full reports).

Interestingly, reports of Harold Ford Jr’s support outside of Tennessee are quite true. After looking over his contributions, it appears that the vast majority of his contributors live outside of Tennessee…quite a few (read, A LOT) are from New York and California. There were only six contributors from the Tri-Cities area:

Clark, Bryan S.
Kingsport, TN

Clark, W. Richard
Kingsport, TN

Higgins, J. Craig
Johnson City, TN

Hutchins, Eva G
Greeneville, TN

Jones, Carleton A
Johnson City, TN

McManus, Phillip E
Kingsport, TN

The vast majority of his Tennessee contributors are from liberal Memphis (no surprise there.)

Contrast Ford’s contributors with Ed Bryant’s. Only 5% of Bryant’s contributors are from outside of Tennessee. Corker appears to be getting money along the same lines with very few contributors listing addresses outside of Tennessee. Hilleary is following the same pattern as Bryant and Corker, with most of his contributors living in Tennessee.

I suppose this shows the vast difference between what Tennesseans want for Tennessee and what New Yorkers and Californians want for Tennessee. It’s easy for them to try and sway our politics…they don’t have to live here.

Some interesting things I’ve found while perusing the Finance Reports:

Johnson City’s own Bill Breeding (of Clyce Distributing) doesn’t seem to have a horse in the Senate race. He’s donated $1000 to Van Hilleary, $1000 to Bob Corker, and a mere $500 to Ed Bryant. Pick a candidate, would you? This is the same “Republican,” however, who also gave money to Fred Phillips, so I don’t really trust his judgment.

Olan Mills II (of, you guessed it, Olan Mills Studios) has donated mightily to Harold Ford Jr., so I guess I won’t be having any photos taken at Olan Mills.

Jim Powell, treasurer for Fred Phillips, has donated to Ed Bryant’s campaign. I don’t trust anyone who can donate to both Republican and Democratic candidates. This is a person who is either so uninformed about politics that he’s not aware of the deep-rooted philosophical differences between left and right, or he’s so moderate that he feels that he can switch sides on a whim. Spineless.