Today released it endorsement list for Tennessee Judgeships including the Tennessee Supreme Court, The Tennesseee Court of Appeals and the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals that will be voted on August 3, 2006. General Chairman Jeff Ward said, “For many months grassroots Republican leaders from TeamGOP and the TFRW have been meeting and consulting with judges, attorneys, law enforcement officials and grassroots activists to determine which of the Tennessee judges have earned the right to be retained by the good people of Tennessee and which judges have earned the right to be replaced. After months of work, we feel confident with our endorsements.”

Jeff Ward said that sometimes in political endeavors credit is not given to whom it is owed. The Tennessee Federation of Republican Women and its President, Shirley Ward, initiated this effort in 2005 across Tennessee, have continuously led on the issue of judges and deserve most, if not all, of the credit.

“Rank and file Republicans across this state should not be timid about standing by their convictions on this important issue when others may choose to sit on the sidelines,” said Ward. “Judges who use precedent and scholarship to interpret laws and the Constitution deserve our thanks and our support. Those judges who choose to legislate from the bench or let dangerous criminals out of of jail to create more mayhem should be sent home.”

The list of endorsed Judges:Tennessee Supreme Court: Chief Justice William M. Barker and Justice Janice Holder. Tennessee Court of Appeals: Judge Michael Swiney, Judge William B. Cain, Judge William C. Koch, Judge William Frank Crawford, Judge David Farmer, Judge Alan E. Highers, and Judge Holly Kirby. Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals: Judge Norma McGee Ogle, Judge James C. Witt, Jr., Judge Thomas T. Woodall, Judge Alan E. Glenn, and Judge John Everett Williams. plans to widely distribute this list to tens of thousands Republicans across Tennessee via email and door to door campaigning. is a Republican grassroots organization based in Tennessee. It is dedicated to electing Republicans at every level of government. publishes a weekly E-newsletter, manages its daily Blog and operates the political action committee, TeamGOP PAC.


Vote Yes

Tennessee Supreme Court

Chief Justice William M. Barker

Justice Janice Holder

Tennessee Court of Appeals

Judge Michael Swiney

Judge William B. Cain

Judge William C. Koch

Judge William Frank Crawford

Judge David Farmer

Judge Alan E. Highers

Judge Holly Kirby

Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals

Judge Norma McGee Ogle

Judge James C. Witt, Jr.

Judge Thomas T. Woodall

Judge Alan E. Glenn

Judge John Everett Williams


Vote NO

Tennessee Supreme Court

Justice Cornelia A. Clark

Tennessee Court of Appeals

Judge Herschel P. Franks

Judge Sharon G. Lee

Judge Charles Susano

Judge Frank Clement

Judge Patricia Cottrell

Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals

Judge Joseph M. Tipton

Judge Gary R. Wade

Judge Jerry L. Smith

Judge Robert W. Wedemeyer

Judge David H. Welles

Judge David G. Hayes

Judge J.C. Mclin