Raised on a small farm, Patti Jarrett established from an early age the qualities of hard work and a solid value for life. Married for 29 years, Patti and her husband, Clark (an Air Force veteran) have raised three loving, strong, and independent children; Minette, Stephen and Joshua. All three attend college in Tennessee. Minette has blessed them with their first grandchild, Alex. Patti and Clark are solid and active members of the Fountain of Life Bible Church. Accomplishments include: Washington County Republican Party, secretary, President-elect Washington County Republican Women, President Washington County Republican Women (2 terms), and elected as a Vice Chairman of the Washington County Republican Party in 2005. Additionally, Patti has been a facilitator for the group “Moral Kombat” since 2002; having won the coveted “Facilitator of the Year” award in 2004. This group conducts Character Education Intervention for at-risk youth.

In her opening statement, Jarrett shared her background, including the fact that she home schooled her children for 13 years, before sending them to local public schools. She is a strong proponent of school choice.

Jarrett is the only candidate in the Sixth District race who has been endorsed by the Tennessee Right to Life. On a side note, TN Right to Life typically only endorses candidates with a record. Patti, however, has shown such passion in the community for preserving and protecting the lives of the unborn, that the TN Right to Life felt it was appropriate to offer her their endorsement.

Jarrett is in favor of traditional marriage, open and limited government (one of her favorite sayings is, “When government expands, freedoms contract”), and is opposed to the over-taxation of small businesses. Jarrett has extensive experience in the Republican Party.

Question 1: What one quality will make you the best choice for Representative from the Sixth District?

Jarrett’s one quality that makes her the best choice is her ability to work with people, no matter what station in life. Jarrett moved often because of her husband’s military career, and was able to build relationships with each move. She has successfully started many organizations through home schooling, including a little league organization which she was able to build into one of the most successful organizations in her area. Jarrett works well with the public and can draw people together.

In her rebuttal, Jarrett again mentioned her ability to work well with others. She also brought up her slogan, “It’s about values,” and asked “who will be the stronger candidate?”

Question 2: We have been hearing lately about numerous new companies relocating to and/or hiring in Virginia. What can be done to draw companies to Washington County?

Jarrett again mentioned that she is in favor of limited government and said, “It is not the government’s responsibility to create jobs” (AMEN!!!). The government merely needs to create a better tax structure. We need to end over-taxation and burdens on small businesses and farmers.

In her rebuttal (after a comment from Flynn), Jarrett clarified that it is not the responsibility of government to bring businesses to the area, it is the government’s responsibility to get out of the way (DOUBLE AMEN!!!). Jarrett says that tax relief is a way for government to get out of the way.

Question 3: How do you feel about Gov. Bredesen’s “Cover Tennessee” plan? Do you believe that it will help small businesses?

Jarrett is concerned about Cover Tennessee, especially that it is merely an extension of TennCare and that it will be a burden to, rather than a help for, small business. Jarrett is not a proponent of managed care, and says that we need a conglomeration, rather than an MCO. Jarrett does not support government programs, and believes that medicine should be privatized.

Question 4: What are your thoughts on President Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” plan? What can we do to improve education in Washington County?

Jarrett says that No Child Left Behind is a burden and it doesn’t work. Money is not the answer to the problems with education. She says that elementary schools should focus on reading, writing, and arithmetic, rather than the “social sciences” that have become the focus in recent years. High Schools should implement apprenticeship programs and offer the opportunity for more advanced students to take college classes.

I would again like to point out that Jarrett is in favor of SCHOOL CHOICE (WooHoo!!).

In her rebuttal, Jarrett mentioned that Superintendents should be elected, rather than appointed, and agreed that the ability to discipline in the schools is necessary.

In her closing, Jarrett mentioned that she is the only candidate who has been consistently involved with the Republican Party and Republican organizations over the last several years.

Jarrett requested that each candidate sign a pledge not to vote for Jimmy Naifeh as Speaker of the House if elected – she has already signed the pledge.

Jarrett says that she will carry our values forward to Nashville.

Patti is FANTASTIC!!! She is the only candidate who consistently gave conservative, government-limiting answers to each and every question. I have no doubt that Patti will go to Nashville and fight to give us our power back, rather than continually giving it to our leaders. I only wish I lived in the Sixth District so I could vote for Patti myself…