Tired and sunburned, I’m finally home from Jonesborough Days (or, as my friend Ray of Van Hilleary’s campaign called it, the “Superbowl of Local Politics”). I, of course, walked with the “Blue Brigade,” aka, Matthew Hill’s crew. I stuck around, however, for the stump speeches.
Bob Corker and Van Hilleary, candidates for US Senate, spoke first; candidates for US Congress in the First District followed, including one seemingly crazy fellow, Democrat Alan Howell, Colquitt Brackett, Vance Cheek, David Davis, Dan Smith, Phil Roe, Richard Venable, and Larry Waters; Matthew Hill, candidate for State Representative in the Seventh District, spoke next – his opponent, Fred Phillips didn’t show; next were candidates for State Representative in the Sixth District, Joshua Arrowood, Ethan Flynn, Dale Ford, Patti Jarrett, and Michael Malone; finally, the two candidates for District Attorney General, Tony Clark and Joe Crumley, and two candidates for District Public Defender, Jeff Kelly and Bob Oaks, wrapped things up so I could eat lunch!
I’ve attached pictures from the day; click on a picture to take you to one of my blogs about the candidate. For those about whom I have not blogged, the picture will take you nowhere.