A Vote for Flynn Would be “Ludicrous”

Dear Editor:

As Ethan Flynn runs his campaign for state representative in the 6th District proudly asserting his presidency of the student body at ETSU as his major qualification, I and many others who were a part of ETSU under Flynn’s rule are quite sickened. Sure, Ethan’s a nice guy, but his “qualifications” aren’t so squeaky clean and conservative.

I’m sure there are few (if any) in our area who have forgotten the Ludacris fiasco of last Fall, but few know who was actually behind the student activities fee increase that led to that infamous concert. Although ETSU’s student body had only been paying $4 per semester for a “student activities fee,” Flynn believed that this was not enough to “enhance university life.” The student activities fee increase, from $4 per semester to $20 per semester, was “sold” to the student body by the promise of a concert each semester.

Ethan Flynn, in the March 31, 2005 issue of the East Tennessean said, “ETSU needs the increase to keep up with other schools like Middle Tennessee State University and Appalachian State University, both of which have $20 student activity fees.” Flynn also said, “I think it’s a fair amount; it’s also the price range.” Will Flynn use this same reasoning to raise taxes in Tennessee?

Although the fee increase was voted on by the students, the increase only passed with 413 votes – on a campus of 12,000 students. Most students opposed the increase on the grounds that ETSU is a commuter campus, so the increase, while being another financial burden, benefited only a few.

Again, I wonder if Flynn will use the “leadership abilities” he demonstrated at ETSU if elected to the State House by raising taxes with the reasoning that “we need to increase to keep up with other states” or because it’s a “fair amount” and “the price range.”