Joshua was born on April 22, 1983 in Johnson City. He is a lifelong resident of Washington County and was raised in the Conkin/New Victory area. Joshua graduated from David Crockett High School in 2001. He went on to attend Milligan College and received a B.A. in History and a Secondary Teacher’s Certificate in May 2005. On June 3, 2005, Joshua married Candice Lee Poore. Joshua is employed as a Mail Services Coordinator at Mountain States Health Alliance. He attends a Free Will Baptist Church and volunteers there as a Children’s Church Volunteer and also volunteers as a Youth Basketball coach.

Strikes 1 and 2 – his wife is a teacher and he works for MSHA. It’s not that I don’t like teachers, but one must be careful of those sympathetic to government schools. MSHA speaks for itself.

As I stated in my initial recap of the debate, Joshua seems like a nice guy. Genuine and almost sweet, he has heart and more passion than the vast majority of 23-year-olds I’ve ever met. His policies need work, but, again, I think he could be a viable candidate in the future.

Question 1: What one quality will make you the best choice for Representative from the Sixth District?

Joshua says that his faith in the foundation of government, which is based on Biblical principles, is the one quality that makes him stand out. He says that if we stay true to the Bible, we can’t go wrong (no argument there!). Joshua believes in freedom and the will of the people (is that the “Star-Spangled Banner” I hear playing in the background?).

Question 2: We have been hearing lately about numerous new companies relocating to and/or hiring in Virginia. What can be done to draw companies to Washington County?

Arrowood says that geography does play a role, but government is not the solution. The government simply needs to stop spending, lower taxes even more, and completely eliminate the idea of an income tax. He also believes that we should be education-driven. In his rebuttal, Arrowood said that we already have many measures in place to bring jobs in, what we need is to push education and to give control of the education system to lower levels of government.

Question 3: How do you feel about Gov. Bredesen’s “Cover Tennessee” plan? Do you believe that it will help small businesses?

Arrowood focused his response on TennCare. He said that Cover Tennessee will not help those dropped from TennCare rolls, and he doesn’t believe that it is a viable plan. Arrowood believes that we should compare our state with other states to come up with a solution (right. because so many other states have solved the health care/insurance issue.) In his rebuttal Arrowood said that we need to encourage good health and prevention in children through the parents (and how is the government going to do this?).

Question 4: What are your thoughts on President Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” plan? What can we do to improve education in Washington County?

Arrowood says that No Child Left Behind is unconstitutional (doesn’t take a genius to see that!) and that any Federal involvement in education is contrary to the Constitution. He says that things will not get better with Federal mandates.

I thought he was on a roll.

But then he said that he doesn’t agree with vouchers (@#*&%* – excuse me). Arrowood says that by diverting money, things will get worse. We should localize education and get parents more involved.

Please hold while I take a tranquilizer. Ok. Now I’m ready. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? First of all, there is about a snowball’s chance in hell that I’m sending my children to a government indoctrination institution. Second of all, what happened to the “Free Market?” What happened to that sturdy conservative concept of competition making things better??(or my favorite saying, “Anything the government can do, the private sector can do better”). With a bit of competition from private schools and home schools, the public schools may actually have some sort of motivation to improve! As it currently stands, why get better? They still get money for having tiny little butts in the seats whether they’re actually teaching the children anything or not. Give the public schools a taste of free market medicine (by offering both poor and wealthy students the opportunity to seek out the best education available – be it at home, in a private school, or in the local government school) and see how quickly they empty out and actually have some incentive to improve the quality of their product. I think Arrowood and his wife have been brainwashed by the NEA. Geez louise.

Here’s where Joshua needs some work before the next election.

As I said, he’s got heart and the basis for some good ideas, but I think Arrowood needs time, life experience, and some good old-fashioned toughening up before he’ll be ready for Nashville.