Larry was born and raised in Sevier County. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a B.S. degree in Business Administration. Larry then became a principal in the Sevier County School System. In 1978, he was elected as Sevier County Executive. Larry still holds the position of County Mayor.

Larry is past Chairman of the Sevier County United Way campaign (um…an organization that funds abortion. Not good.), East Tennessee Development District, and East Tennessee Human Resource Agency. He is a member of East Tennessee Economic Development Agency, Tennessee County Mayor Association, Tennessee Air Pollution Board, and Sevier County Republican Party.

Larry has been awarded the Special Citation from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Boss of the Year Award, and the Pless R. Newman Republican Services Award.

Larry and his wife, Terri have two children, David and Adrienne. Larry attends the First Baptist Church in Gatlinburg.

Problem #1 – he was a public school principle. I know there are some good people who work in the public school system, but it makes me think he will favor public, rather than private and home school measures. Problem #2 – the United Way??? Come on…

Question 1: With a great deal of publicity lately, do you believe the Fair Tax is superior to the present tax code?

Waters says the Fair Tax would be better, but compares it to a sales tax in Tennessee. Clearly doesn’t know a lot about the plan, but says that sales taxes work and that we need tax reform.

Question 2: Should abortion be a Federal or States Rights issue?

Waters says that we need to do everything we can to make abortion as rare as possible until the law is changed via either a Constitutional Amendment or a Supreme Court decision overturning Roe. Waters points out that it is important that we elect pro-life conservatives to high office on the state level, because if Roe is overturned the decision will be left up to the states (very good point).

Question 3: Do you believe it is the Federal Government’s responsibility to bail out individual states after every natural disaster?

Waters believes that cleaning up after a natural disaster is the responsibility of the Feds, the States, and the Local governments. He praises individuals for helping, but places the major responsibility on the government (hello, you big, fat liberal!).

Question 4: Do you believe the Federal Government should play a role and mandate the oil companies on a universal scale, to use the EA85 version of ethanol?

Waters believes that the government should use tax incentives to encourage the use of alternative fuels and should encourage the opening of new refineries. He says that “everything should be done” on the Federal level to “fix” the energy crisis.

This was yet another indication that Waters doesn’t understand and/or support the Fair Tax, which would eliminate “tax incentives.”

Question 5: Why is the health care insurance industry guaranteed a profit by the Federal Government in a free market system?

Waters believes that we need more competition in the health care industry and a return to a free-market system. He mentioned that he offers low-cost health insurance in Sevier County. WHAT?!? I’m sorry, did he just bring up government health care? What happened to the free market? I thought we were at the Republican debate, not the local meeting of Socialists. Geez louise…

Question 6: Title 6 states that “No Person shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, or national origin.” The Supreme Court has held that undocumented aliens are considered “Persons” under the equal protection and due process clauses of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. Therefore the assumption has been applied by the Courts, Congress, and State Governments that undocumented aliens have the same rights to all Federal assistance programs as citizens do. What would you do about amending Title 6 to restrict services to citizens only?

Waters focused his answer on immigration rather than how to deal with Title 6. He says that we should not grant amnesty, but we (the government) have a responsibility to care for illegal children (??). Although illegal aliens should not be entitled to the same services as citizens, Waters feels that they should still receive government handouts. Waters then spoke of the need for border security.

Sigh…for the second time since covering this debate, I’m at a loss.

In his closing statement, Waters said that he has a “vision” for standard Conservative issues (what those issues are, I’m not sure. I certainly didn’t see many of them in his responses.) Waters wants to “bring back infrastructure to the First District.” Where is that in the Congressional job description? Maybe I missed it…hang on, let me grab my copy of the Constitution. Ah, yes…Waters, it is not your job to “bring infrastructure” anywhere!!! Maybe they have a different definition of “conservative” in Sevier County, but Waters certainly doesn’t fit the mold in our area.