Dear Editor,

It has recently been brought to my attention that Judge Lynn Brown appears to be playing politics in his courtroom. It is no secret that Judge Brown cares little for District Attorney General Joe Crumley, but when the Judge begins resetting court dates until after this August’s election, one wonders if his disdain for the District Attorney is affecting his ability to run his courtroom.

Court documents filed in April by Judge Brown have ordered a continuance in the Howard Hawk Willis trial. Interestingly, these documents were filed directly by Judge Brown without any opportunity for the state to offer argument. What date, you ask, did Judge Brown set as the first date for pre-trial motions to be offered? August 8, 2006 – five days after the election for District Attorney General. I doubt that this is any coincidence

Additionally, Judge Brown ordered, without allowing arguments from the state, “that the sheriff shall allow Mr. Willis to appear in court in street clothes and without shackles in this and all subsequent appearances before the court.” Remember, this is a man accused of killing two young people, dismembering them, and hiding their bodies in a downtown storage unit. Has Judge Brown already forgotten the case in Georgia where an accused rapist, Brian Nichols, who was wearing no shackles, took a deputy’s side arm and killed a judge and three others?

This case has been dragging on for years now (the murders were committed in October of 2002) and Judge Brown is merely using his judicial power to drag it on further in the hopes of ensuring District Attorney General’s defeat in August. How disgusting that one of our judges is abusing his authority and using his courtroom as a political platform – all at the expense of justice.