I actually got word of this a while ago, but it’s never too late to make sure everyone hears…

The Tennessee Right to Life Organization has come out against Republican Senate candidate Bob Corker. I, of course, wasn’t surprised. Corker isn’t a conservative; as a matter of fact, he is even less conservative than the President, maybe more along the lines of a John McCain or some other “liberal in conservative clothing.”

Bob Corker was quoted, ” I view it (abortion) as a personal issue, not a government issue” in 1994. And Tennessee House Speaker, Jimmy Naifeh, who believes that Bob Corker is “deep down inside a Democrat” said, “We have talked about it…We didn’t talk about any office in particular, but we have talked about his running in the future as a Democrat” when referring to Bob Corker.

This is yet another in the long list of reasons not to vote for Bob Corker this Fall.