I was hoping that Flynn’s campaign for State Representative in the Sixth District would fall by the wayside, but when I saw this morning’s headline in the Johnson City Press I thought it might be time to make my comments. The headline, by the way, was “Flynn says youth may be asset in race for representative.” Maybe, but I’m quite doubtful.

Look, Flynn’s a good kid (and if I can call you a kid, you’re really a kid), but not only is he lacking in experience, what little experience he has is negative. I actually wasn’t going to mention this aspect of Flynn’s past, but he brought it up in the article…Ethan was SGA President at ETSU the year I was elected to SGA. Guess who was instrumental in forcing the student activities fee increase that led to the Ludacris debacle? You got it…Ethan Flynn himself. As a matter of fact, I heard time and again in SGA meetings last year that Ethan’s fiscal policy was “if you’ve got it, spend it” and “We had a surplus until Ethan and Brian’s administration” (referring to Ethan’s VP, Brian McCormack.) Conservative, Ethan, means conservative…even in the tiny halls of student government. If he can’t be trusted to run ETSU’s student body, then why in this world should I trust him in Nashville, where the politicians are bigger, meaner, and way more influential?

Additionally, rumor has it that Ethan’s campaign platform is family values and the internet. No, you didn’t misread that…family values and the internet. This bit of information came from someone who was somewhat supportive of Ethan’s bid…until he talked to him. No one’s going to listen to some 23-year-old bachelor talk about family values! I want to hear about family values from someone who’s been married for 30 years and has a houseful of children! And the internet? What business does the government have in the internet?

Ethan, it’s a little too early to be playing with the big boys. Stay home, get some life experience under your belt, and try us again in about 10 years or so.