I think its cute that the Dixie Chicks are trying to be political. I would, of course, appreciate some cogent argument on why they hate the president so much, but that may be too much to ask. My faithful readers know that I am no die-hard fan of President Bush…I don’t hate him, but I certainly think this country can do better. I don’t think he lied, but it seems obvious that he’s made mistakes. I don’t think he’s leading our country in the right direction, but we could be doing worse (two words: John Kerry). I say that to ensure that you know that I’m not angry at the Dixie Chicks because they’re being mean to “my president.” Point out the president’s mistakes, but do it in a way that’s at least slightly more intelligent than “your mom’s so fat…”

I’ve been a long-time fan of the Dixie Chicks. I love female groups along that country/folk line that create beautiful harmonies that I can sing along to in the car (and in the shower, and while I’m ironing…) and I’ll continue to listen to my Dixie Chicks cd’s. But I won’t be buying any more. If someone wants to give me a Dixie Chicks cd, I’ll listen to it. If someone gave me free tickets to their concert in Knoxville, I’d probably go (as a matter of fact, I saw them in concert a few years ago…not long after their notorious “I’m embarrassed that the president’s from Texas” comment).

But here’s the thing: they need to be ready to accept the consequences of their words. They have every right to say whatever they want about the President (or his mom), but when record sales taper off, they don’t need to be whining and asking “why.” The Constitution guarantees our right to free speech, but doesn’t keep us from suffering the consequences of that speech. So the Dixie Chicks can mouth off all they want to, but they won’t be seeing another dime from me.

By the way, I didn’t decide not to buy their album in order to “punish” them for what they said; rather people like the Dixie Chicks, Susan Sarandon, and Janine Garafalo donate money to people I’d rather not be funding. So, by not buying that Dixie Chicks cd, I get to ensure that at least that much of my money is staying with me, rather than going to those people I’d prefer not to support. Like those crazy Socialists with whom Garafalo likes to hang.