Kurt Fagerburg, candidate for school board in Washington County, is proudly in favor of school choice. As a soon-to-be mom who will be homeschooling, I am thrilled that Kurt is running and sticking to his belief that school choice is the soluction to the school overcrowding problem rather than building programs. My only question is, what about homeschoolers? Will we benefit from Kurt’s school choice plan? I know that Kurt homeschools at least one of his own children, so I can only hope that his plan allows for refunds to homeschooling taxpayers as well.

School Choice is Solution, not Building Program

Kurt Fagerburg, candidate for the Washington County Board of Education in the 3rd district, believes that school choice is the best way to alleviate overcrowding in the public schools and improve the quality of education.

“If we implement school choice we will significantly improve the quality of education inthe county, fix our overcrowding problem, and save the county taxpayers at least $100 million in unnecessary building program spending,” said Fagerburg.

“Current school board members will tell you that 30% of our high school graduates have to take remedial classes when they get to college. Additional building projects will not solve that. The proposed building program will use up already limited resources, put the county into enormous debt, and give us more of the same mediocre results. We need to try something different to fix our schools – and school choice is a solution,” Fagerburg said.

Fagerburg’s plan is to refund to parents who choose private schools a portion of the per-pupil spending allowance to help pay for tuition at one of the many private schools in the area. Currently Washington County spends over $6,000 per pupil.

“If we give parents a choice, many of them would choose to have their children attend a private school – especially since we have some very good ones in the area. If enough parents made that choice our public school overcrowding problems would be fixed. We wouldn’t need to build those additional buildings,” said Fagerburg.

According to Fagerburg, whenever school choice has been implemented the public schools have benefited. Since private schools cost less to run than public schools, the refund to parents who choose a private school will save taxpayers money. It would also increase the dollars spent per pupil remaining in the public schools.

“This is a win-win situation. Parents get more flexibility for their children’s education and the public schools have more resources per pupil. This is a solution that makes sense for Washington County,” Fagerburg said.