Look, I’m no world leader…just a blogger from Tennessee. But it seems to me that we could come up with a cheaper, easier way to deal with the illegal immigration issue. Call me crazy, but I don’t think we need to send troops to the border.

Here goes…cut the illegal immigrants off. Cut off their social programs, kick their kids out of the government schools, don’t let them receive any medical services, and ensure that they can’t get jobs. Then, mark my word, every illegal immigrant in this country would high-tail it back to Mexico faster than you can say “No hablo espanol.” Not a soul would try to cross our border once word got back to the amigos that America’s no longer a place for freebies. And you don’t need 6,000 National Guard troops to do it.

But, alas, Bushie’s too much of a chicken to even suggest it (he’s leaving the really good ideas to bloggers and talk-radio hosts!). Instead he is suggesting a band-aid for a severed spinal cord – and the illegal immigration problem will continue.