Harold Ford Jr. is continuing with that classic political ideal – appeal to emotions, assuming that the people are too stupid to know that you’re lying to them. Have you seen (or heard) his latest campaign ad? Political posturing at its worst…

He whines about gas prices, pointing to the “profits” of the oil companies. Does he ever mention profit margins? Of course not, and he (rightly) assumes that people not only do not understand the concept, but aren’t going to take the time to figure it out. Why? Because they were educated in government schools. But I digress. He then goes on to promise that he will get rid of tax breaks for oil companies (thereby forcing another price hike, although he never mentions this), and then single-handedly ensure that cars run on corn and soy – all for the good of American families and farmers. Isn’t that special?

This is just another example of politicians (on both sides of the aisle, no doubt) using the one thing that makes voters the most upset, and making promises of fixing it. They lie (as Ford Jr.) or merely stretch the truth (as Corker). Not only are gas prices, oil company “profits,” or minimum wages absolutely none of the government’s business, but they’re banking on the fact that the vast majority of the voting public don’t know the difference.

I implore you to read the Constitution, and maybe an oil company financial statement or two, before believing the hogwash that will no doubt be pouring out of our televisions, radios, and newspapers. Politicians lie to get your vote – don’t be so uninformed that they actually dupe you.