I just got an email from Kurt Fagerburg concerning the School Board/County Commission Forum going on tonight at the Jonesborough Visitor’s Center from 5:30-9:00. Kurt, by the way, is fantastic – a candidate for school board who supports home schooling (and even home schools his own children) can’t be bad. And, according to his email, he disagrees with the Teacher’s Union on “just about everything,” so, there are couple more points in his favor.

Also tonight, at Pansy’s Pantry in Jonesborough, the Washington County Young Republicans will be meeting, with guest speakers Phil Roe and Vance Cheek (candidates for the US House). Considering my scathing blogs on Mr. Cheek especially, I’m looking forward to an exciting evening! This event begins at 6:30.

Pick an event – I’m sure you’ll see fireworks at either place! Not to mention the fact that you need to be educated on your candidates – local or otherwise. Remember the wisdom of the ages – don’t vote for someone just because you recognize his/her name. Don’t vote for someone just because you like their signs or TV commercials. And certainly don’t vote for someone just because you think he’s a “good ol’ boy.” Learn the facts. Don’t believe campaign promises. Make an informed decision.