I was just browsing the internet, keeping an eye on the enemy, and what did I find? Why, a statement on Bredesen’s webpage that says he believes we should balance the budget without an income tax! Gov. Bredesen, if, God forbid, you are re-elected, mark my word…I’ll hold you to that!

From Bredesen’s site:
“I believe state government must balance available resources with the increasing demands of education, job creation, health care and other vital priorities – without an income tax [emphasis mine]. My budget and management priorities include:

“Submitting a balanced budget. I firmly believe that state government, like a family or business, must live within its available resources – even if that means holding down departmental expenditures or reducing the rate of growth in programs such as TennCare.

“Preparing for economic downturns. State government needs to keep taking advantage of healthy economic times to build up our “rainy day” fund to help withstand any future sluggish economy. I’m proud to report that our rainy day fund is at the highest level it has been in the history of our state. I’m going to keep setting aside money until it is fully funded.

“Rebuilding investor confidence. Our state’s credit rating is dependent on investor confidence. I’m proud to say that, since I took office in 2003, the Wall Street bond-ratings agencies have stabilized our state’s credit rating – recognition of strong fiscal management.

“Maintaining a hands-on approach. As a businessman, I took active roles in the management of successful companies. As Governor, I lead the budget process and I’ve opened administrative budget hearings, allowing taxpayers to see for the first time the decisions that are made on how their money is spent.”

I happen to believe all of this is nothing but a pile of…well, to put it nicely, “campaign rhetoric.” Timothy pointed out on Good Morning Tri-Cities this morning that Bredesen, while in Massachusetts, said that he thought the only way to tax fairly is through an income tax. So, who do we believe? Bredesen who’s running for office in a state whose citizens have made it clear that they don’t want an income tax, or Bredesen who’s trying to impress his liberal buddies in Massachusetts? It’s a mystery. But, like I said, Bredesen, if, God forbid, you do get re-elected, I and hundreds of thousands of other Tennesseans will be on your doorstep making sure you stick to the “no income tax” campaign promise.