New Jersey senator, Robert Menendez (D – obviously) is proposing a 60 day “Gas Tax Holiday” to “help” defer the increased cost of fuel. Sounds nice, right? WRONG! The Federal Government is clearly not going to dip into their own pockets and cut spending in order to offer tax relief; Menendez plans to eliminate the tax breaks given to oil companies in order to cover the shortfall in revenue. This is a political stunt if I’ve ever seen one! Senator Menendez is a democrat, so clearly no oil company exec is going to vote for him. This is clearly an attempt to convince the American people that Menendez is for the “little guy,” not those “big, evil oil companies,” and, thus, get more votes come November. I’m feeling nauseous…

The poor, ignorant masses who have endured a public education won’t stop to think about where oil companies are going to get the money to pay those extra taxes – from us!!! If the federal government rolls back those tax cuts, the oil companies will raise the price of gas again to cover the extra dollars they’re having to dole out to the feds. And don’t even suggest that the feds forbid oil companies to raise their prices. Not only would it be blatantly unconstitutional for the federal government to take that step (not that it’s stopped them thus far…), but it would be an energy disaster waiting to happen. Oil companies would cut back production, gas shortages would ensue, and we’d be in a worse mess than we are now.

It is insulting that Menendez thinks that we’re all so stupid that we’re not going to see though his little plan. I just hope that those in Congress are smart enough to vote “no” on this ridiculous idea.

I’m planning on a post about the oil issue in general, but there’s a lot more reading to be done and I have finals next week. But hold your breath…I shall be lambasting the Federal Government’s unconstitutional interference in oil and education (and, yes, the two go hand-in-hand) soon enough. Be ready for a lesson on “profit margins!”