THIS JUST IN!!! Rumor has it that Judge Lynn Brown was seen handing out campaign cards for District Attorney Crumley’s opponent, a clear violation of judicial ethics. Keep an eye on Judge Brown…he’s clearly up to no good.

It’s no secret that Judge Lynn Brown is no fan of District Attorney General, Joe Crumley. But now Judge Brown has sunk to a new low. I spoke with the DA Thursday night – he was exhausted and sick with concern over the “Drag Racing” case (the trial of the two men charged with the death of Cortney Hensley and the serious injury of Courtney Beard). A scheduling error brought one defendant to court at 9am and the other in at 1pm – they were supposed to appear together. The defense also claims that they have not received all the evidence necessary to proceed with their case. Judge Brown chastised the DA mercilessly, and one wonders if there aren’t political motives. Even Hensley’s grandmother suspects as much: “The majority of the times we’ve been in court, Lynn Brown has called down the DA,” said Margaret Coggins. “I think it’s disgusting that he calls the DA down in front of all these people. It’s downgrading to the DA, the system and to us as the families of Courtney Beard and our Cortney. We’ve come to the point we feel it’s a political issue right now and our children are not important.” While it’s nothing new for judges to treat attorneys like wayward children, it appears that Judge Brown’s motives are less about running an orderly courtroom and more about keeping Crumley from being re-elected.

Further evidence of Judge Brown’s desire to hinder Crumley’s re-election is his postponing major trials until after the election in August. The trial of Howard Hawk-Willis was recently postponed until September 19 and the DA is faced with the very real possibility of not being able to finish trying the man whose carnage he witnessed firsthand.

Judge Lynn Brown is up for re-election this year, as well…maybe he should be the one to go. I have yet to meet an attorney with more heart than District Attorney General Joe Crumley. He fights for justice for those who have been the victims of the most heinous crimes in our area. He takes personally the concerns of those whom he represents and acts as the voice for those who can no longer speak for themselves. I am disgusted that such politicking would be going on in our courtroom. I urge each of you to watch Crumley in action at the Courthouse in Jonesborough, and maybe catch some of Brown’s antics while you’re there.