Press Secretary Scott McClellan announced this morning that he was stepping down amid a “restructuring” effort by President Bush’s new chief of staff. Karl Rove has also been “reassigned,” and will now be involved in “long-term strategic planning as a deputy chief of staff and a senior adviser.”
I still miss Ari Fleischer. And Karl Rove gives me the heebie-jeebies.
My question is this: with all this “restructuring,” are we going to see any real changes in the Bush administration? I have said for a while now that Bush needs to stop surrounding himself with “yes-men” (and women…) and get some real advisors, but, despite the restructuring effort, I am more than a little skeptical that there will be any move in a more conservative direction. This would be a prime opportunity for Bush to pull in some small-government-supporting leadership to get him on the right track (and maybe bump those approval ratings just a tad…), but my fear is that his replacements will be of the same cloth as their predecessors. Are we going to have to live through a Hillary presidency before Republicans learn that they need to behave more like conservatives and less like almost-liberals?