This realease was forwarded to me this morning…I haven’t liked Bob Corker from the moment I read that he wanted to use the U.S. Senate to “create growth.” Turns out I’m not the only one who thinks he’s a phony-baloney!

“Today TeamGOP called for Republican candidate for US Senate Bob Corker to withdraw from the race to save the Republican Party from any more embarrassment or a possible defeat as Corker seeks to “buy” the Republican Primary with his war-chest of heavily laden Democrat dollars.

“After another revelation this past weekend that again undermined Bob Corker’s credibility as a Republican when he chose to vote in Democrat primaries, it is now clear that Bob Corker has lost the trust and faith of rank and file Republicans across this state,” said Jeff Ward’s General Chairman.

According to the Davidson County Election Commission, Bob Corker voted as a Democrat in the county primary in May 1998 and in the state primary in August of 1998. This was just another revelation about Bob Corker in a long line of events that has raised serious questions about Bob Corker and the integrity of his race in the Republican primary.

Ward said, “This is the same Bob Corker who supported abortion rights and attacked Bill Frist’s GOP credentials in 1994, but all the while was donating to Democrats the same year. This is the same Bob Corker that discussed with Democrat House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh ‘about his running in the future as a Democrat,’ and that Corker was a Democrat ‘deep down inside.’ This is the same Bob Corker who held a meet and greet at his home in 2002 for Phil Bredesen during the gubernatorial campaign.”

Critics of often chide the group for having a very rigid dogma of criteria that must be met. Ward strongly disagreed. “We rarely discuss issues; however we always seek party loyalty. Our belief is simple. We are not opposed to Mayor Corker because he is too moderate or too conservative. We oppose his candidacy because Bob Corker is a political phony. That may be good enough for Jimmy Naifeh; I don’t believe it is good enough for the average Tennessee Republican.

“If Bob Corker cares so much about the Republican Party that he seeks to represent, he should do the right thing and end his course of undermining the GOP from within and withdraw from the senate race,” concluded Ward. is a Republican grassroots organization based in Tennessee. It is dedicated to electing Republicans at every level of government. publishes a weekly E-newsletter, manages its daily Blog and operates the political action committee, TeamGOP PAC.”