April 2006

State Representative for Tennessee’s 6th District and Candidate for US Congress in the 1st District, David Davis, met with the College Republicans at ETSU last night. His wife, Joyce, and daughter, Rachel, was with him, and we also had several candidates for local offices present. Davis pointed out those issues which are important to him and showed the College Republicans why I am supporting him for Congress.

Davis spoke of running for US Congress in order to secure America for our children and grandchildren. He is a conservative first, and a Republican second. He will stick with the party when the party is right, but he will disagree when they are wrong. He pointed out that there is only one consistent conservative in this race.

Davis spoke highly of Matthew Hill, and encouraged us to fight to ensure that he is re-elected this year. He pointed out that Fred Phillips (Matthew’s opponent) was the Washington County director of Al Gore’s presidential campaign. He encouraged us to work to elect Jim Bryson governor of TN.

Davis said that we do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. There is a $600 million surplus in Tennessee – we do not have a revenue problem! Davis said that he knows what it’s like to fight to make ends meet, and he doesn’t believe that the government should make things worse by instituting high taxes. Davis does not support a TN state income tax. He wants to keep our taxes as low as possible.

Davis believes in the importance of representing those who elected him, rather than those in the city where he may happen to be working (be that Nashville or Washington DC). He will represent his constituents, not the Republican Party.

Davis recalled exactly where he was on September 11 – because people hate us, he believes that we need not let down our guard or weaken our national defense. He respects the sovereignty of other nations, but will not tolerate those who do us harm. He praised our soldiers, and appreciates their sacrifice; he is gracious toward those who are our “watchmen on the wall.”

Davis said that those who come to America should understand that we are a nation of laws, and they need to abide by those laws. Illegal immigrants are a drain on our society – our welfare, system, our schools, our medical system, and our economy as a whole. He appreciates legal immigration; those who come illegally, on the other hand, are “stealing opportunities from those who seek to come here legally.”

Davis is a small businessman. He wants to see the federal government remove roadblocks to small businesses, as they are now such a hindrance. He will work to encourage growth of small business by fighting to keep taxes low.

David Davis supports school choice (!). We need to “break the strangle-hold the federal government has on our education system and return power to the parents and local governments.”

Davis believes that it is our responsibility to leave the world in better shape than when we inherited it. We must become energy independent. We must be willing to conserve, develop alternative fuels, harvest the resources we have now, and invest in safe nuclear power.

Davis is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and will continue his fight for this right in Washington.

Davis believes that life begins at conception, and it is the government’s responsibility to protect the lives of its people. He is a tireless advocate for the right to life, and has been endorsed by the TN Right to Life. Davis has a proven voting record, and has fought in his position for pro-life policies.

Davis is not ashamed of his Christian faith, in fact, he is proud. These are the values that have guided him in the past, and will guide him in the future. He is concerned that the faith, heritage, and values that have made this country what it is are under attack.

I, although I already knew his answer, asked Davis about his stance on Welfare. He believes, as the Bible says in the book of Thessalonians, that if you don’t work, you shouldn’t eat. His father only has a 6th grade education; David was the first in his family to get a high-school education. He got where he is, not because the government took care of him, but because he worked hard to get where he is. Typically, Davis said, nations don’t fall from the outside; they fall from the inside. If Americans cease to be rugged individualists, who work hard and “pull themselves up by the boot straps,” we will fall. The government must stop acting as a crutch for those who will not work.

Davis passed the “Health Care Decision Act” the most progressive piece of medical legislation passed in the last 20 years (as stated by Vanderbilt University). This Act highlights how decisions about ending life support can be made with greater ease. Davis does not believe that we should pay for everyone’s health care. There are always going to be those among us who can’t take care of themselves, and we, according to Davis, need to care for those; but we don’t need to care for those who can care for themselves. People need to plan for and take care of themselves. Socialistic health care is not the answer, nationalized health insurance is not the answer, and euthanasia is not the answer. Davis believes that we need insurance pools for small businesses.

Davis does not believe that there is a short-term solution to increasing oil prices. He believes that we need to drill in Alaska and off our coasts without interference from the federal government. We can do this safely, and we should. Davis believes that the problems with the oil industry do not stem from “greedy oil executives;” rather, the problems are extreme environmental over-regulation, over-dependence on foreign oil, and a lack of alternative fuel sources. Davis pointed out that Brazil is using sugar cane to run their vehicles. He said that if we can get a man to the moon, surely we can figure out a way to run cars on something other than petroleum! He said that it takes more than one congressman from the 1st Congressional District to get this done, but he promises to be a leader who will encourage change in Washington.

I am impressed with Davis, and will be working hard on his campaign this summer. I encourage you to visit his website, http://www.rightforcongress.com (you can also click on the picture at the beginning of this post to go to the site) and find out more about him.


This letter appeared in today’s issue of the Kingsport Times News . There’s only been a couple of people (e.g., Julie Dickey and Jordan Clark) by whom I have been so impressed that I posted their work in it’s entirety on this site, so Mr. Derting is in a small and very elite group. Nice work!

“We read letters to the editor nearly every day where Bush didn’t do this or that. Liberals blame Bush for everything. They blamed him for the economy. The economy is good. They blame him for tax cuts to the rich. The tax cuts were across the board. Tax cuts lets you spend the money instead of the government. The deficit is covered by too much government spending. Presidents can’t spend a dime unless Congress approves. You should blame Congress. That’s who spent more than the president asked for. They blamed Bush for the Patriot Act. Congress approved it. They blamed Bush for torture at Abu Ghraib – you should blame Saddam Hussein for what he did to his own people. They blamed Bush for Katrina. You need to blame 60 years of Democratic control. The welfare state failed in Louisiana.

“Federal money was sent some years ago to repair the levees. The money was spent for other things. The school buses tell the story of what happened. Bush is blamed for wiretapping. Congress gave him approval in time of war. Bush is blamed for the loss of top secrets. Presidents can declassify a document from top secrecy. Bush is blamed for high gas prices. You can blame federal, state, local, tax on each gallon. You can blame the environmentalists for the lack of oil in our own country. You can blame the greedy oil companies. I don’t like being held hostage to any of these groups any more than you do.

“Is there a one of you that whine and belittle our country could step forward and do better? Many of you expect the government to take care of you. You need to start taking care of yourself. That’s your responsibility, not the government. The government can’t afford any more welfare. They are in debt and broke. Many of you protest the war. Many of you have never served your country. You are the first to whine about everything.

“If our freedom depended on you, we wouldn’t have any freedom or any country. Stop finding fault with the best country in the world. You have a right to complain. That right was won by someone else. It didn’t come from government.”

William Derting

Mount Carmel

I’m no unwavering supporter of President Bush, but Mr Derting makes some excellent points. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Mr. Derting…

Bob Corker’s campaign commercial is so outlandish, instead of making me angry, it just makes me laugh. He talks about his experience as a business owner, which is admirable. Then he talks about his 100 employees that he had and how much it pained him to see the federal government taking these workers’ hard-earned money and wasting it – also admirable. But here’s where it gets funny…he says, “If you elect me to the US Senate, I guarantee you that we’ll get spending under control.” I’m fairly certain that Mr. Corker knows that there are 100 members of the Senate, of which he would be only 1, so I am unclear on why he would “guarantee” that he would get spending under control. That’s like saying, “If you’ll just send me to the moon, I guarantee you I’ll bring back Mars!” Preposterous!

A more reasonable thing to say would be, “I am opposed to the out-of-control government spending we are currently witnessing in Washington and I will do my part to help get it under control.” But, “I guarantee you that we’ll get spending under control?” Come on, Corker, how dumb do you think we are?

New Jersey senator, Robert Menendez (D – obviously) is proposing a 60 day “Gas Tax Holiday” to “help” defer the increased cost of fuel. Sounds nice, right? WRONG! The Federal Government is clearly not going to dip into their own pockets and cut spending in order to offer tax relief; Menendez plans to eliminate the tax breaks given to oil companies in order to cover the shortfall in revenue. This is a political stunt if I’ve ever seen one! Senator Menendez is a democrat, so clearly no oil company exec is going to vote for him. This is clearly an attempt to convince the American people that Menendez is for the “little guy,” not those “big, evil oil companies,” and, thus, get more votes come November. I’m feeling nauseous…

The poor, ignorant masses who have endured a public education won’t stop to think about where oil companies are going to get the money to pay those extra taxes – from us!!! If the federal government rolls back those tax cuts, the oil companies will raise the price of gas again to cover the extra dollars they’re having to dole out to the feds. And don’t even suggest that the feds forbid oil companies to raise their prices. Not only would it be blatantly unconstitutional for the federal government to take that step (not that it’s stopped them thus far…), but it would be an energy disaster waiting to happen. Oil companies would cut back production, gas shortages would ensue, and we’d be in a worse mess than we are now.

It is insulting that Menendez thinks that we’re all so stupid that we’re not going to see though his little plan. I just hope that those in Congress are smart enough to vote “no” on this ridiculous idea.

I’m planning on a post about the oil issue in general, but there’s a lot more reading to be done and I have finals next week. But hold your breath…I shall be lambasting the Federal Government’s unconstitutional interference in oil and education (and, yes, the two go hand-in-hand) soon enough. Be ready for a lesson on “profit margins!”

Rep. Charles Taylor (R-NC), chairman of the Appropriations subcommittee that oversees the Interior Department has blocked millions in funding for a Flight 93 memorial project and has expressed opposition to funding it when it comes before his committee again on May 3 (AP). The White House has requested $5 million for the project; the victims’ families want $10 million and, of course, are crying “patriotism” to try and get Rep. Taylor to support their project.

Here’s a thought…instead of using taxpayer dollars to fund the memorial, why not ask Congressmen and women to donate from their own pockets? The “rank and file” members of Congress make $165,200 per year; the Speaker of the House makes $212,100 per year while the House Majority Leader and the House Minority Leaders both make $183,500; in the Senate, the Majority and Minority Leaders also make $183,500. Let’s not even talk about how much more that is than what my husband and I bring home combined, but we still manage to give at least 10% of our yearly income to charity. If each member of Congress pitched in, say, 5% of their yearly income to this cause, the group would end up with $3,640,405. Ten percent would give them $7,280,810. Of course, I certainly wouldn’t ask them to give a full ten percent, but you see my point.

It’s always easier to spend someone else’s money – it shows no great amount of character to allocate taxpayer dollars to some cause. What would really be telling is if some (preferably all) of these Congressmen would donate their own money. Then we would see who is really “patriotic.”

I encourage you to read (or re-read) my earlier post, “A Reminder in this Congressional Election Year”. Like the one to which Rep. Crockett refers, this is a worthy cause, but it is not the job of our Congress to fund it with tax dollars.

THIS JUST IN!!! Rumor has it that Judge Lynn Brown was seen handing out campaign cards for District Attorney Crumley’s opponent, a clear violation of judicial ethics. Keep an eye on Judge Brown…he’s clearly up to no good.

It’s no secret that Judge Lynn Brown is no fan of District Attorney General, Joe Crumley. But now Judge Brown has sunk to a new low. I spoke with the DA Thursday night – he was exhausted and sick with concern over the “Drag Racing” case (the trial of the two men charged with the death of Cortney Hensley and the serious injury of Courtney Beard). A scheduling error brought one defendant to court at 9am and the other in at 1pm – they were supposed to appear together. The defense also claims that they have not received all the evidence necessary to proceed with their case. Judge Brown chastised the DA mercilessly, and one wonders if there aren’t political motives. Even Hensley’s grandmother suspects as much: “The majority of the times we’ve been in court, Lynn Brown has called down the DA,” said Margaret Coggins. “I think it’s disgusting that he calls the DA down in front of all these people. It’s downgrading to the DA, the system and to us as the families of Courtney Beard and our Cortney. We’ve come to the point we feel it’s a political issue right now and our children are not important.” While it’s nothing new for judges to treat attorneys like wayward children, it appears that Judge Brown’s motives are less about running an orderly courtroom and more about keeping Crumley from being re-elected.

Further evidence of Judge Brown’s desire to hinder Crumley’s re-election is his postponing major trials until after the election in August. The trial of Howard Hawk-Willis was recently postponed until September 19 and the DA is faced with the very real possibility of not being able to finish trying the man whose carnage he witnessed firsthand.

Judge Lynn Brown is up for re-election this year, as well…maybe he should be the one to go. I have yet to meet an attorney with more heart than District Attorney General Joe Crumley. He fights for justice for those who have been the victims of the most heinous crimes in our area. He takes personally the concerns of those whom he represents and acts as the voice for those who can no longer speak for themselves. I am disgusted that such politicking would be going on in our courtroom. I urge each of you to watch Crumley in action at the Courthouse in Jonesborough, and maybe catch some of Brown’s antics while you’re there.

The College Republicans at ETSU announced their endorsement of State Representative Matthew Hill tonight, in the presence of candidate for Circuit Court Clerk, Mark Jones, and incumbent District Attorney General, Joe Crumley. Rep. Hill spoke to the CR’s tonight about problems in Nashville, as well as legislation that is going to be decided upon in the coming weeks. I’ll be outlining Matthew’s plans for the future, as well as his disappointments with the behavior of liberals in Nashville, over the next few months. To begin:

Matthew spoke passionately tonight about legislation that would limit Tennessee’s use of eminent domain. Matthew presented six “common sense” reforms that Republicans in Nashville are pushing as they consider an eminent domain bill:
1. Landowners should be given more than five days notice before the government takes their property. Matthew believes that 30 days is a more reasonable time for these property owners to exert their rights.
2. There should be input by locally elected officials before a taking. This just passed in Utah, where they are known for their strong eminent domain bill.
3. Those who have their property taken against their wishes and then the government later puts it up for sale should have “right of first refusal” to buy it back if they so choose.
4. If property is taken it should be appraised at its “highest and best use” so that property owners would get the true value of the property. Some property owners in other areas of the state were actually paid less than what they paid taxes on.
5. There should be more protections in court for property owners. If the property owners win the dispute, they should be able to recover appraisal and other expenses and attorney’s fees. They should be compensated for business interruption, and it should be required that money should be placed in escrow so that property owners who have their land taken have funds available to more or find other housing.
6. Finally, there should be no private-to-private transfers – “public use” must be more strictly defined.

Democrats have vowed to kill this bill, just as they have killed more than 60 other eminent domain bills in the house thus far.

While some Republicans sell out to the liberals in Nashville, Matthew has held strong and represented the conservative principles we sent him to Nashville to fight for. I’ll keep you posted with his statements as his campaign progresses…

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