Fred Phillips has decided to run against Matthew Hill for the 7th district seat…seriously. (Although Fred hasn’t “officially” announced his candidacy, the fact that the Press was notified when he picked up his papers is a rather obvious political stunt…nice try, though, with the “I haven’t decided for certain if I’m going to run.”)

The man who recently resigned his post as State Commissioner of Safety amid such scandal as (from the JC Press) “a number of Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers [who] had criminal records that range from aggravated assault to reckless endangerment, allegations of political favoritism in the THP and the resignation of THP Commander Col. Lynn Pitts — all of which occurred on Phillips’ watch.” We should not let the public forget the poor leadership demonstrated by Phillips. Political favoritism? That’s the last thing we need (anymore of) in Nashville. An inability to run a staff isn’t exactly a good indicator of an ability to effectively represent a large number of people, either.

Sorry, Fred Phillips, but I do believe its time to hang up your desire for public office. The people in this area are too smart to elect someone who has already so utterly disgraced the state.