It’s rare, but there are those times when I am so impressed with a legislator that I actually write a blog of praise. Ok, so there’s only been one legislator to ever impress me so much that I actually praise his work (and, no, I don’t work for his campaign, although I would certainly be willing if they need the help!!). Matthew Hill is working hard in Nashville to (surprise!) take power out of Nashville and give it back to local governments. His bill to protect the display of historical documents, including the Ten Commandments, would allow local governments to decide whether or not they would like to display historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Magna Carta, and the Ten Commandments. He says this bill was sparked by the efforts of the ACLU to ban “religious documents” from public display in our government buildings.

To me, the issue isn’t the display. The issue here the ability of local governments (based on the will of the people, of course) to decide for themselves what they do and do not want in their community. We have entered an era in this country when national officials attempt to make every community identical, despite the fact that each and every community in this great nation is different. The beauty of living in a republic (notice I did not say “democracy”) is the ability to live in a place that reflects your values. Don’t like Jonesborough values? Move somewhere else. My fear is that America is becoming a place of no escape. Don’t like the policies of your community? Sorry, you’re stuck with them. We need more leaders like Matthew Hill fighting for the right of individual communities to decide what is and is not appropriate for them. While I agree that there are some policies that need to be the same across the board, things like “religious displays” are not in that category.

So, thank you, Representative Hill, for protecting our republic! Keep up the good work…