Bob Corker, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, has four major goals for his campaign:

1. The ability to create economic growth

2. Making our government safe and secure

3. Pushing for a smaller government presence

4. Keeping the interests of faith and basic family values intact

Goal #1 sent up a giant red flag. This is not in the senatorial (or any other government office) job description! Where in the Constitution, exactly, does it say that a member of Congress is supposed to be in the business of “creating growth?” Don’t give me the “Necessary and Proper Clause” (also known as the “I have power so I’ll do what I want” clause), or some utilitarian “it’s good for the people” argument – our leaders should not be in the business of “creating growth.” End of story.

I’m not exactly sure what “making our government safe and secure” means, but ensuring that the citizenry is safe is one of the few legitimate goals of government, so I’ll give him that one.

I am certainly in favor of a smaller government presence, although I’m not sure how this fits in with “creating growth.” A government is going to have to have a much larger presence than that with which I’m comfortable in order to “create growth,” so there is a major inconsistency with goals 1 and 3.

And while goal #4, “Keeping the interests of faith and basic family values intact,” sounds just dandy, I’m not comfortable with any government official – whether he/she happens to share my religious beliefs or not – instituting faith and family values for the entire population. Two words: “butt out.” Four more words: “none of your business.” This is another point that contradicts the goal of “pushing for a smaller government presence.”

Sorry, Corker, but it looks like you’re just another politician pandering to the masses. Would the real conservatives please run for office?