I just found this report by Scott Norvell at http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,177642,00.html

Feel the Wrath of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club!

The North County Times reports that a California mayor who had the gall to rename his town’s annual parade from “Holiday Parade” to “Christmas Parade” is now catching flak from some of the usual suspects.

Mayor Dan Dalager, a lifelong resident of Encinitas, Calif., says he merely restored a title that existed when he was younger. Somewhere along the way, he says, someone changed it. So he changed it back.

But now three local groups — a Girl Scouts troop, the Leucadia Town Council and the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Southern California — have told the city they won’t play in Dalager’s parade because of the change.

Dalager said he changed the name of the city’s Spring Egg Hunt to the Easter Egg Hunt last year without anyone kicking up a fuss.

A little trick I’ve heard about…if someone wishes you “Happy Holidays”, ask them what holiday it is. Ten bucks says they’ll say it’s Christmas. At which point you say, “Oh! Well, Merry Christmas!”