This is a letter, a copy of which was sent to me, from a student who doesn’t feel that JR or the SGA is doing a good job of representing him. For those of you who are not students at ETSU, our SGA president sent out an email on Oct. 6 ensuring “outraged students” that the SGA will be fighting to ensure that we get our Ludacris concert. Sweet fancy Moses…

I would be interested to know how many of the students that are
“outraged” about the “infringement upon their rights” actually pay
their own tuition. The biggest problem about this whole situation is
the lack of information made available to paying students in regards to
the increase in their student activities fee. There are probably
(though I cannot verify this for certain) some community members that
don’t approve of the concert plans who are paying for their children’s
education at ETSU. I, as well as a number of my friends, pay money for
an education, not for concerts. The concerts that I personally pay for
are ones that I choose to pay for, based on the reputability of the
artist. Ludacris would not be included in that category. The point
is, if the ETSU SGA wants to have concerts, they need to get the money
from the people who want to see the concert, not from every single
student. Whether or not the city is justified in disallowing a
particular artist play on their (not the students’) property has
nothing to do with students’ rights, and should not be inflated to such
a status. Johnson City has shown on numerous occasions over the past
decade (remember White Zombie?) that they are not interested in the
wants of any particular sub-culture. As someone who worked
frustratingly and persistently to get the city a public skatepark, I am
aware of the painfully conservative ideals of our representatives. But
those representatives are the way they are, and who they are, because
of the majority of voters in Johnson City. Call it the “tyranny of the
majority,” call it what you will, but that is the fact of the matter.
Dunstan McNutt